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Orphaned at a young age following the murders of his parents, S.W. became consumed with finding a way to communicate with the afterlife. Inheriting a lightbulb company, he was able to grow it into a sprawling business empire that left him incredibly wealthy, but was unable to use his money to heal his twisted psyche.


S.W. was created by Brian Azzarello and Guy Davis. He made his first appearance in Hellblazer #162.

Major Story Arcs

Lapdogs and Englishmen

S.W. hires John Constantine to recover the fabled clock of Rasputin. Constantine swindles him by giving him a fake clock, unbeknownst to S.W., and tricks him into believing that he has killed one of Constantine's friends. S.W. flees the country to avoid punishment or reprisals, kissing Constantine as he leaves and promising to never forget him.

Ashes & Dust

Running a complex and extremely lucrative network of legal and illegal activities, S.W. eventually begins to tighten the noose around Constantine, whom he has spent the past twenty years hating. He orchestrates Lucky Fermin's death in order to get Constantine sent to prison and to cause him great pain by convincing Constantine that he is at fault. He attempts to have Constantine killed in a prison riot, but Constantine escapes and initiates a relationship with S.W., who falls deeply in love with Constantine. However, he is again duped by Constantine, who tricks him into summoning his parents' ghosts and abandons him with them. He initiates a second attempt on Constantine's life, immediately growing remorseful when it appears to have succeeded. Growing increasingly unhinged, and convinced that Constantine is haunting him, he kills himself during a police raid on his mansion.

Powers and Abilities

S.W. is extremely wealthy, and possesses a sharp mind for business and manipulation. He is in very good physical condition. He is skilled in the use of some bladed weaponry.

Weapons and Equipment

S.W. possesses a massive collection of arcane and mystical artefacts.


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