Stanley Dover

    Character » Stanley Dover appears in 61 issues.

    Stanley was an ordinary little boy until one day he found a monster in the sewers. Luckily for the world the monster was more afraid of the world than the world could be of him.

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    Satanic worshiper Stanley Dover sought to transfer his soul into a demon. Instead, the infant grandson, who shared his name, became the recipient of a binding to the beast. Eventually, the mage discovered that the monster - which Stanley had named Spot - had been hiding in his grandson's closet. To tempt it out, the wizard imprisoned his grandson and defiled him with the blood of victims he had killed as the Star City Slayer.

    Green Arrow came on the scene after rescuing Stanley Dover Sr from a mugging. The wizard then realised that the archer had a body without a soul and tried to transfer his own soul into Queen's body in order to help him capture Stanley's monster. However, before the transfer was completed, Queen's soul re-entered his resurrected body, thwarting the mage. Stanley's monster then devoured the devil worshiper. Then Stanley's monster released him from where his grandfather had kept him, and erased Stanley's memories of all the bad things his grandfather had done to him.


    In Superman/Batman 83-84 an adult version of him and his Monster appeared as two of the few survivors of the Justice League alongside Batman, Scream Queen, Jason Blood, Aquaman, Traci 13 and Klarion. He joined with them in a final battle against a coven formed by Morgana, Brother Blood, Felix Faust and Blackbriar Thorn.


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