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According to Catwoman: Year One, Stan discovered an unconscious Selina Kyle while hunting in the woods, kidnapped her, and made her into a prostitute. She worked for him for a while as a dominatrix. In Batman: Year One, Bruce Wayne (then in disguise) got into a fight with Stan after discovering that he was pimping the under-aged Holly Robinson. The fight ended with Bruce Wayne fleeing largely in part due to Selina's intervention. In Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper, Stan beat Selina to an inch of her life, forcing Selina to take self-defense classes with Wildcat. Also in that version of the story, Stan introduced Selina to her first Catwoman costume (though in Catwoman: Year One, Catwoman fabricated her costume after leaving Stan.) Eventually Selina had her revenge on Stan, attacked him, and fled with Holly Robinson to start her life of crime as Catwoman.


Stan was created by Frank Miller and made his first introduction in Batman: Year One.

Other Media

Stan appeared in the 2011 animated film adaptation of Batman: Year One and was voiced by Steve Blum.


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