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    Stan Marsh is one of the main character of the Animated TV-series, South Park.

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    General Information

    Birthday: October 19
    Age: 10
    Hair: Black 
    Eyes: Blue
    Religion: Catholic


    Stan is almost always seen wearing a brown jacket with a red collar, red gloves, a blue hat with a red puffball and rim, and blue jeans. He has black hair and blue eyes. He is considered cute by the girls in his class, and was voted the third cutest boy when the girls ranked the boy on a list according to their attractiveness.


    Stan is arguably the most intelligent and sensitive of the four main protagonist of South Park. He is able to see through most scams that majority of the South Park residents usually fall prey to. He does not usually follow fads and trends and can sometimes be critical of them. He is an animal lover and an empathic person. Stan is also frequently embarrassed by his parent's stupidity, especially his father, Randy Marsh. Stan will often offer his words of wisdom towards the end of most episodes starting with "You know, I learned something today" followed by sweet melodic music. Although foul-mouthed, Stan offers good perspectives on problems throughout episodes and seems much more mature for his age. Stan is also said to be a level III Hoarder, which means some psychological damage had caused him to keep storage of belongings that would otherwise be discarded as 'junk'. He is later cured of this through dream intense therapy int the episode, "Insheeption".


    Stan Marsh is a fourth grade student in Mr Garrison's class at South Park Elementary. He is friends with the show's other 3 protagonists Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick. Stan is the only one in the group to have maintained a relationship with a girl. Wendy Testaburger is Stan's long-time girlfriend. 
    Stan's father is Randy Marsh, the town geologist and his mother is Sharon, a receptionist at the local Rhinoplasty clinic. Stan also has one older sibling, Shelley. She often bullies Stan and calls him and his friends "turds".  
    Stan and Kyle are the best friends in the group, while Stan also holds a special relationship with Kenny, it is Cartman who he has most disagreements with and often mocks his weight.  
    Stan will also go by his super-hero crime fighting vigilante alias "Toolshed". As this character he is dressed as a carpenter equipped will all your basic tools that you would find in a suburban home's shed. As Toolshed, Stan is apart of "Coon and Friends", which is a league of crime-fighters lead by "The Coon" (Eric Cartman).

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