Stan Silver

    Character » Stan Silver appears in 12 issues.

    A former foreign correspondent who gain the same power as The Ray. He is part of the Father Time's S.H.A.D.E.

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    This page is for the third Ray, Stan Silver

    For the original Ray, 'Happy' Terril, see the Langford Terril page.

    For the second Ray, see the Ray page.

    For the New52 Ray, see the Lucien Gates page.


    Stan Silver is a foreign correspondant for the Sun. One day, he was assigned to cover the close approach of a comet to Earth. He went to space for this stuff but he was exposed to high-altitude radiation. So, he gains quite the same power of the Ray. After his transformation, he joins the S.H.A.D.E under the lead of Father Time and begins actions with the others meta-humans agents ( Doll Man, Phantom Lady).

    When Father Time sends the team against Uncle Sam in order to apprehend him, Stan Silver and the rest of the team joins the leader of the Freedom Fighters. His renew team faces S.H.A.D.E forces and First Strike team. But the team is defeated by a false Miss and imprisoned in the S.H.A.D.E Headquarters.

    However, the Freedom Fighters succeed to fly with the Invisible Hood’s help. In the Heartland, the team seems safe but Stan Silver chooses this moment to show his true loyalty. He kills the Invisible Hood in cold blood, announcing his fealty to Gonzo. His suit turn blue while the Cosmigods attack the Heartland.

    During the battle, he tries to kill Emma Glenn but the “true” Ray, Ray Terril, appears to face him. Stan Silver loses this huge fight. Uncle Sam decides to send him back to Father Time.

    When Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters went to to face Father Time and Gonzo, Stan Silver is part of the meta-human team who opposed them. It is supposed that Father Time teleport him like the others members of his squad when the battle is lost.


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