Waiting for Stan Lee's Project for Virgin Comics

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Back in 2008, Stan Lee was suppose to be both a writer and editor, to oversee the creation of an entirely new universe of superhero characters for Virigin Comics.Thisnewuniverse was initially be anchored around the exploits of a team of ten superheroes of various backgrounds and origins. As this team evolves, readers would learn that not all of these heroes are what they seem, as infighting, abuses of power and internal struggles will slowly challenge these heroes as they learn the real villains may lurk within themselves. It's 2013 and so far....NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET. When will STAN "THE MAN" LEE get around to this project?

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#1  Edited By Superguy0009e

Heres to Stan Lee with hopes of making new and cool heroes.

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#2  Edited By TheBlueAngel93

If it was announced in 2008 and there hasn't been any news about it since, it may have been cancelled. But I hope not as this is the first I've heard of this new series I'm hoping this series is still in the works.

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