Have any of you looked into The Guardian Project?

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I'm a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan.. and when roaming their website for tonights game, I stumbled across something interesting. While this might be a cheezeball fest of some sort, as it uses NHL properties, I couldn' t help but notice Stan Lee had his hands in it. Also, the mix of a Philly jersey and a superhero wasn't too shabby in concept either, even if it is a bit ridiculous... regardless of how you feel about it, have any of you looked into it further? And links, articles or resources that might flesh this out for me? I don't live in PA, so I can't exactly obtain a copy so easily.. but would be interested to see what this is all about. I do have a link for the .pdf showing the Flyers superhero, and I believe there is one for each team.  You can check it out here..  and I'm also posting a couple pics, in case you're on the fence checking it out. 

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I think its an interesting idea. I remember looking into the Toronto Maple Leafs one. He's a maple tree or something.

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I believe we need to see the Guardian Project here on Comic Vine. All the character, the whole nine yards.

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