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Stan Lee has one of the most recognizable voices around. Chances are, even non-comic readers will immediately recognize it. If you're looking for a way to get the legendary creator of Spider-Man, the X-Men, Hulk, and more to talk to you on your phone, this is your lucky day.

Stan Lee's POW Entertainment has released 34 different ringtones so you can hear him tell you to answer your phone or tell you, "You've got mail." Check out this video to get an idea what to expect.

Some of the different ring tones available include:

  • "Ring Ring, Pick up that phone."
  • "Hey You, Phone is Ringing, it could be the mayor."
  • "Don't be alarmed, but this is an alarm."
  • "Tweet Tweet Tweet"
  • "Who Told You To Go To Sleep, Soldier?"
  • "Crime never sleeps and neither can you, wake up."

And much more.

The ring tones can only be purchased through an iOS mobile device using an iTunes application. Search "Stan Lee ring tones on your mobile device. Unfortunately there isn't a package deal available, that I saw. You have to purchase each separately. The plus is, you can pick and choose the ones you want.

What do you think? Will you get any and load them up on your phone? It will either make you sit back in awe as your phone rings, or it will make you rush to answer right away. You never know, it could be the mayor on the line.


· Google Play has released a set of 40 ringtones that are available for Android users. The ringtones can be purchased individually or as an album for all 40 on Google Play.

· Apple iTunes collection is 35 ringtones.

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Every time I see something with Stan Lee my heart races

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"Crime never sleeps and neither can you, wake up."

That's awesome, btw.

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Edit* sh#t they don't have it for android X(

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I need this!
I need this!

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It is on Android:

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Sorry Stan but no thanks.

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Why would I want a decrepit, morally bankrupt con man on my phone? No thanks.

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Every time I see something with Stan Lee my heart races

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Lol, oh Stan. You so silly :p

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Aw, no thanks....If I wanted an old Jewish guy to yell at me all day I would work for a law firm.

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Co-creator. CO-creator. I hate how masters like Kirby and Ditko keep getting short changed by Lee.

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Ultimate Marvel NERGASAM!!!!

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awesome, must-have

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This is amazing!

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Live forever you wonderful man

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@sprior93 said:

Why would I want a decrepit, morally bankrupt con man on my phone? No thanks.

What if he was a young, and sexy, morally bankrupt con man?

And he stripped.

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