Comic Book Hall of Fame Meets Stan Lee Part 2

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  On Saturday, May 28, 2011 at the Phoenix Comic Con, The CBHOF met Stan Lee! Here's what happened! We traveled incognito so that no one knew we were coming to the show but in retrospect, we did purchase tickets via The CBHOF, so someone had an idea. Right around 11:30am. we got in line. The flow of the line was good. The staff made sure everyone had there tickets for autographs and then the next level of staff made sure you had your stuff out and ready to sign. I stood silently. 12:30pm. Time for Stan Lee.
Now it's my turn. The staffer next to me told me to stand where the (orange)tape is and I do. I found myself in front of a staffer who asked me how many autographs and I handed her 3 things - The Induction Award Design, a rare Marvel Mania poster of Silver Surfer #3 and a blank sheet of high grade paper that will serve as a signature piece for the Production Art of Amazing Spiderman #21. After a quick review of what Mr. Lee is to sign and where, I'm told by the staffer to move down and stand where the floor is marked (there's another staffer waiting in case you get lost or didn't understand.)
I went to that place and found myself about 3 feet away and slightly to his left from Mr. Lee. That didn't matter to me. I then watch as the staffer hands him the Comic Book Hall of Fame Induction Award Design. Moment of truth. For a Brief moment, he paused to look at it. He saw all the signatures. People who had worked for him, inspired by him, people he brought into the business and brotherhood of comics, his friends, his co-workers, his colleagues. People like Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Micheal Golden, Joe Staton, The Kuberts and so many more. He genuinely smiled and looked up at me. I nodded in a kind of silent acknowledgement of not just the Comic Book Hall of Fame or the sincerity of it but a acknowledgement that he too inspired me! And I realized for the first time, just how many lives this beautiful thing we call comic books has touched and here I am, at that moment, in front of one of the greatest creators, co-creators & writers of our time, not just as a person or a fan but as a representative of the Comic book Hall of Fame. It all had new meaning and I am both proud and more than great full to share it with you.


Roger Rautio
Comic Book Hall of Fame

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