American Author Research Paper Influences in work, Stan Lee?

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 So here's the deal, I was assigned a research paper today that has to be based off an American Author and their top 3 influences that can also be found in their work. I had the thought of Stan Lee. Everyone else is doing authors of books we read in class like Steinbeck or Scott Fitzgerald so I want to do something different and unique so who better to do than Stan the man Lee?

Only thing is I'm stuck right now. I need historical and textual facts/evidence of the authors influenced and I can't seem to find anything about Stan's influences. So I'm asking for help here...

Is doing Stan a good idea, or should I just do someone like Hawthorne?

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I come to this site to have fun, not to do someone else's homework. 

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Most, maybe even all, of Stan Lee's influences branch into the comic, game, and movie media. I'm sure you might find some authors influenced by his work, but it'll be some work to dig up. If you're all for it, want to be different, and your teacher's cool enough, then I'll say yeah, it's a good idea. If you want an easy paper, with plenty of readily available resources, and something all and all, easier to do, then you should pick a more traditional author. If you pick Stan Lee, I might do some research on some super hero novels and maybe some sci-fi/fantasy stuff and see where that gets you. Either way, good luck.

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