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In Divinity III: Stalinverse the Valiant Universe of superheroes and the entire world has been taken over by the Soviet Union and only a few people remember the old world and know that this cannot be reality.

Stalinverse's Fictional Timeline

1922 - Joseph Stalin assassinates Vladimir Lenin and becomes leader of the Soviet Union.

1934 - Russia forms the Soviet Union by annexing the Baltic states as well as Poland, Hungary, Germany, and France.

1939 - Great Patriotic War of Europe begins.

1945 - Soviet Union emerges triumphant after the Great Patriotic War.

1946 - Soviet Union envelopes all of Europe except for Great Britain.

1947 - Battle of Britain. England, Scotland, and Ireland fall under Soviet rule.

1948 - War for Asia begins.

1949 - Soviet Union drops atom bomb on Tokyo, ending the War for Asia.

1951 - USSR installs Joseph McCarthy as puppet president of the United States.

1960 - Soviet Union accelerates deep space exploration.

1963 - Sino-Soviet Pact signed.

1968 - American Civil War II begins.

1969 - The First Battle of Los Angeles.

1972 - Soviet Union annexes South America and North American West Coast.

1973 - American rebel leader, John Kennedy, is assassinated off the coast of Cuba.

1987 - Cosmonauts begin mapping neighboring galaxies.

1993 - The Second Battle of Los Angeles.

1994 - Seattle Peace Accords are signed.

1995 - The Americas officially become Soviet colonies. Mass insurgencies continue.

2012 - Aric, Son of the Revolution, appears in Romania.

2016 - The Red Brigade is formally announced as world security force.


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