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Green Lantern


DeceasedSpace Sector: 2814Sector Partner: Service pre-dated sector partnersHomeworld: UnknownPredecessor: UnknownSuccessor: Abin Sur


Starkaðr once patrolled Space Sector 2814 and was a predecessor of such notable Green Lanterns as Abin Sur and Hal Jordan. Starkaðr was a powerful Lantern who defended the planet Ungara from conquest at the hands of Devlos Ungol, the being known as Traitor, and his invading armada.

Starkaor faced Traitor in one-on-one combat. His ability to stand toe to toe with the invading warlord filled the ranks of Traitor’s troops with fear. Unsure of their chances of conquest, the armada abandoned their plans to overtake Ungara. Starkaðr seriously wounded Traitor, causing the would-be conqueror to flee, unfortunately the battle also took its toll on Starkaðr.

The Green Lantern was mortally wounded and as his life neared its end Starkaðr passed on his power ring on to a worthy successor, the Ungaran Abin Sur. On Ungara, Abin Sur was a philosopher, historian, and teacher. As a Green Lantern Abin Sur would grow into one of the Corps most decorated officers, and would one day sacrifice himself for the greater good, as his predecessor Starkaðr had done before him.


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