Stained Glass Scarlet

    Character » Stained Glass Scarlet appears in 29 issues.

    An ex-nun who became a vigilante after being forced to kill her criminal son.

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    Abused by her father, Scarlet had an unhappy childhood. One evening when she had had enough of it, she secretly killed her own father, by lighting his bed with a cigarette. His death was considered an accident and she was sent to live with her uncle and aunt, where her living-conditions were improved.

    Later in life, she met and married Vince Fasinera, a small-time criminal, believing that she could save him from himself. She was wrong, and he simply mistreated her, much like her father had. Despite this, they had a child together, though Vince wanted nothing to do with it. Vince later died, gunned down on the steps of a church, and their son turned to a life of crime himself.

    When he escaped prison, Scarlet took it upon herself to save her son from his life of crime, but in the end was forced to kill him.

    Later on, Scarlet turned vigilante and started hunting down all the criminals who had ever had a hand to play in her son's turning to crime. Moon Knight tried to stop her, by ended up letting her escape.

    Scarlet later returned, having somehow formed a psychic link to Moon Knight. She was fighting inner demons, and began fire-bombing New York. Moon Knight caught up with her atop a bridge, but she jumped, and he was unable to find her in the waters below. It is unknown whether she survived or not...

    Powers and Abilities


    Scarlet does not have any apparent powers. However, she has a mysterious psychic bond with Moon Knight. This psychic bond is not systematic. It appears when Stained Glass Scarlet thinks intensive at Moon Knight and when he is receptive. It can appear in the form of dreams during which their thoughts intermingle and in this way they can briefly communicate together. This bond between Stained Glass Scarlet and Moon Knight could be due to an entity close to the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu, and reincarnated as Stained Glass Scarlet.


    Scarlet is expert in martial arts. She knows the handling of the bayonets, guns and the crossbow like a pro.



    Scarlet always has with her a crossbow, which she uses with dexterity and a relentless precision.


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