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    Object » Staff of One appears in 114 issues.

    Wielded by Nico Minoru, the Staff of One is a hugely powerful magical stave. When activated by a voice command, the Staff of One is able to cast amazing spells but never can be used more than once.

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    The Staff of One was originally wielded by Tina Minoru, mother to Nico and was immensely powerful as the dreaded Dormammu trembled at the sight of it, knowing its power. It was passed onto Nico when Tina tried to stab her with the staff, but Nico's body managed to absorb it without ill effects.

    The Staff of One is used by simply stating a word or phrase, and a spell that relates to that word or phase will occur (e.g. saying "Smoke" would cause the Staff of One to release smoke, or "Caffeine Injection" charges the target with additional energy). The major limitation of the Staff of One is the fact that each spell can only be used once; if any spell is attempted again the staff will instead have a completely random effect.

    To release the Staff of One Nico must bleed and instinctively repeats the phrase, "When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge!". It also passes through the middle of her sternum, appearing through whatever clothing she is wearing at the time and piercing anything directly in front of Nico. Anyone can use the Staff of One, even without training or magical affinity, which is partially explained as everyone having magic but most people needing tools to bring it out.

    On the Runaway's trip to New York City, in the year 1907, Nico got caught breaking into a bank that supposedly had a means to get back home. An ancestral version of the Punisher knocked her out and when Nico awoke, she was in a dungeon. Nico's ancestor the Witchbreaker was carrying another magical staff called the Witchbreaker's staff. The Witchbreaker, in actuality Nico's great-grandmother, tortured Nico to see if she had the strength to be a powerful sorceress. After a while the Witchbreaker deemed her worthy. Nico withstood unimaginable pain and this enabled her to gain far greater magics and transformed the appearance of the Staff of One. The staff's new form is not only much more powerful than the original Staff of One, it also increased Nico's ability to use magic without the staff.

    Users outside the Minorus

    • Alex Wilder once wielded the Staff of One.

    • Chase Stein wielded the staff on two separate occasions. The first was when he detoxed the Dagger-obsessed nurse, and second when he held Nico captive.
    • The Witchbreaker: A staff that looks almost identical to the current form of the Staff of One was in the possession of the Witchbreaker.

    List Of Spells Used

    Freeze: Causes Stacey Yorkes to become immobilized

    Freeze: The second time causes pelicans to fly out of the staff

    Smoke: Smoke comes out of the staff to help the Runaways escape

    Away: Nico teleports away from Alex Wilder

    Mud: Mud shoots out of the staff and hits Karolina Dean

    Burst: Causes a group of graffiti artists' spray paint cans to explode

    Rock and Roll: Makes an earthquake that caves in the hostel

    Waterproof: Makes a waterproof bubble that the Runaways travel in to get to the Pride

    Float On: Nico makes the Stein's float in the air

    Dance: Alex uses the staff to unfreeze Nico

    Bondage: Alex uses the staff again to shackle Karolina's parents (off panel)

    Bondage: Alex unlocks the secret of using the same spell twice and uses the spell to shackle Karolina

    Hands Off: Nico destroys Alex's Fistigons

    Free your minds: An evil witch (Marie LeVeau) casts a spell that turns some of Nico's new friends against her. This spell cancels this spell.

    Wardrobe Malfunction: Changes Marie back from wolf to human

    Deflector Shields: Causes Marie's magical attack to bounce off of Nico

    Deconstruct: Nico uses this spell to take apart one of the Wrecking Crew

    Flashback: Makes Nico see the last few moments of a future version of Gert's life.

    Rockstars: Flaming rocks fly out of Nico's staff. But they hit Old Lace instead of Victor Mancha.

    You Suck: Causes Turbo's wrist turbines to spin in reverse, sucking air in and causing them to malfunction

    Insulation: Temporarily takes away Victor Mancha's powers

    Shine on You Crazy Diamond: Encases Ultron in a diamond

    Fumigation: Nico uses this in a battle with Tarantula (off panel)

    Fumigation: Nico forgets she already used this spell and it teleports her and Karolina to the outskirts of Los Angeles.

    Acid Rain: Makes a cloud of Acid rain that dissolve the security daemons

    Old Lace to Old Yeller: Changes Old Lace into a dog

    Hellfire: Shoots fire balls at Spider Man

    Dreamtime: Puts Spider-Man to sleep

    Sunburst: Shoots a beam of light at a Cloak impostor

    Detox: Chase Stein uses this to flush the MGH out of the Cloak impostor's system

    Get to Work: Transforms Chase's "List of things to do when I'm 18" into a wrench

    Revelations: When a past version of Geoffrey Wilder disguises himself as Alex, Nico uses this to change him to his true form.

    Shut Up: Knocks Chase out of the way with spiraling energy

    Pixies Find the Leak: Nico conjures up Pixies to find out how the Pride have been spying on them.

    Forget: Erases Geoffrey Wilder's memories of what happened

    Caffeine Injection: Gives Molly Hayes a boost of energy

    Now here comes the sweet talk: Gives Xavin the voice of a monster's wife to soothe him.

    Get Lost: Disorients Kate Bishop

    Chill Out: Freezes all of the Runaways and Young Avengers, making them extremely cold

    Wake Up: Wakes everyone up when they were knocked unconscious by Noh-Varr

    Prodigum Effodio (Excavating Monster in Latin): Creates a monster created out of a shield that gets the team into the Cube

    Be Quiet: Chase uses this spell to silence Nico, making her talk in a whisper

    Pretty soon, I'll just be a bad dream: Knocks Nico unconscious

    Going Down: Phases the Runaways through the roof to escape the Punisher

    Crash: Puts the Kingpin's ninjas to sleep

    Open Sesame: Makes bank employees open their vaults

    In Other Media


    Doctor Strange

    The Staff in the movie
    The Staff in the movie

    The Staff of One appears in the live-action Doctor Strange movie, wielded by Tina Minoru.


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