Stacy Dolan

    Character » Stacy Dolan appears in 100 issues.

    A Homicide detective for the NYPD. She has had run-ins with Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch) in the past.

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    Brief History

    Stacy Dolan was an off-and-on girlfriend of Ghost Rider/ Daniel Ketch. She first appeared in "Ghost Rider" vol. 3 #1 (May, 1990). She was the daughter of Kenneth Dolan, a career police officer. She spent her childhood dreaming of following in his footsteps and joined the police force as soon as she was of age. She was intrigued by the new Ghost Rider, unaware that he was Daniel. She found his true identity during the " Siege of Darkness of Storyline".

    Stacy was concerned that Daniel was being entirely consumed by the Ghost Rider persona. She volunteered for the police task force assigned to capture the Rider, seeing it as an opportunity to rescue Daniel from himself. Her knowledge of his secret identity was wiped from her mind by Jennifer Kale, supposedly to protect Stacy from Ghost Rider's enemies.


    In Ghost Rider (2007), the detective following Johnny Blaze is called Captain Dolan, indirectly referring to Stacy.


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