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Stacey Kramer was waitress at the Babel Coffee Shop and Cable's lover for a while.


Stacey Kramer and was created by Joe Casey and José Ladrönn and first appeared in Cable Issue 55 (1998).

Major Story Arcs

New Friends

Cable started befriending her in what was a refreshing experience for him, hanging out with someone not involved in superhuman conflicts. She introduced him to her brother Kenny who had the Down syndrome. But then Cable mysteriously disappeared from her life for some time, preoccupied with various events. He returned to her in #63 and confided in her about being a mutant. She took it surprisingly well. But she wanted a favor from him, using his telepathy to help her brother. Unfortunately Cable had lost use his telepathy due to the Psi-War. Though he had doubts of being to help even if his power was functional.

She soon learned her friend came from the future and was struggling to change history. Getting involved in his conflicts did not scare her away and the couple shared their first kiss in #70. But Stacey discovered a downside in their relationship. Cable would say a farewell one day, go missing for extended periods and then return just as suddenly. She felt like being involved with a police officer or firefighter, worrying about her lover falling in the line of duty and never knowing if their last parting would be the final one. In #78, an emotionally drained Cable returned. Both Apocalypse and Cyclops, respectively his archenemy and father, were believed dead and Cable felt he needed to redefine himself. Stacey wanted to continue their relationship but Cable feared it would mean her eventual death. He doubted if he could cope with the pain of another of his loved ones dying. So he needed to get her away from himself and away from danger. He made sure she would not return by telepathically erasing all her memories for him. Stacey would not even remember his existence. He rationalized the relationship between a destroyer like himself and a healer like Stacey could never work anyway.


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