When Squirrel Girl beated Thanos?

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#1 Posted by Matezoide2 (16064 posts) - - Show Bio

i know she did,but anyone know wich issue it was?

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#2 Posted by Slinger (5779 posts) - - Show Bio

Was it the GLX-mas issue?

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#3 Posted by never give up (24999 posts) - - Show Bio
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#4 Posted by inferiorego (25669 posts) - - Show Bio

I think so... The one with the Flatman MArvel Legend in it

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#5 Posted by Zenma (5001 posts) - - Show Bio

first Dr. Doom, now thanos

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#6 Posted by never give up (24999 posts) - - Show Bio
Zenma said:
"first Dr. Doom, now thanos"
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#7 Posted by fesak (8623 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the fact that the Watcher was there to confirm it's in continuity ;p


"first Dr. Doom, now thanos"

Also she's beaten MODOK, Terrax, Bi-Beast and Deadpool
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#8 Posted by Sovereign Vance (737 posts) - - Show Bio

When Squirrel Girl beated Thanos?

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#9 Posted by G'bandit (13664 posts) - - Show Bio

LOl I love how precise is the Watcher while confirming XD

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#10 Posted by Omg chris (1601 posts) - - Show Bio

she's no joke lol wish they showed the whole fight though not some off panel crap

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#11 Posted by KCsuperman09 (275 posts) - - Show Bio

all i can say is wow

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#13 Posted by Superparody (2106 posts) - - Show Bio


@never give up:
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   It's a less impressive feat now that Lockjaw took him down. And you know...it's not that impossible. After all, Firelord's supposed to be in Siver Surfer's class, and Spiderman once took him down.
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#15 Posted by Cybrilious4 (1990 posts) - - Show Bio


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#16 Posted by DrF8 (3309 posts) - - Show Bio

Squirrel Girl is the most epic female character in comic book history.

With her pretty lame set of skills she was able to deafeat Thanos, DrDoom, MODOK, Deadpool, Wolverine...jeez, that list doesn't end.

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#17 Edited by Claymore1998 (16493 posts) - - Show Bio

The Great Lake Christmas Special # 1

Not surprise though given beating powerful characters is what she does.

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#18 Posted by SpiderFan130666 (319 posts) - - Show Bio

Does it not bother anyone that Thanos was once arrested by the NYPD?

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