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    Sammy Pare was a young mutant that was picked on by bullies until he befriended Juggernaut. He idolized Juggs but was devastated when he thought he had turned evil again. Black Tom Cassidy killed him.

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    Origin & History

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    When Sammy was first introduced, he was being bullied terribly, and was on the verge of committing suicide. Luckily, Professor X arrived and he was taken with him onto the Blackbird, where he met Beast. They had to fly to Muir Island as the X-Men were being attacked by Black Tom after receiving a distress call from Juggernaut who sought help from the X-Men (Xavier took Sammy's gun from him when he tried to bring it with him to stop anyone else from finding it and hurting themselves). When the Juggernaut nearly drowned, Sammy jumped out of the Blackbird and swam down to saved him, beginning their friendship.

    They became very good friends, and Sammy began to attend the Xavier Institute. Soon after the Canadian super hero team Alpha Flight came to the Xavier institute ordered by the Prime Minister of Canada and the Attorney General of the State of New York to remove the children from the school under suspicions that the children's safety was at risk, mainly due to Juggernaut recently moving into the institute. When Sasquatch approached Sammy and Juggernaut, while he and Sammy were playing a game of catch; a fight ensued between Juggernaut and Sasquatch which escalated into a fight between Alpha Flight and the X-men. Wishing for the fighting to stop, Sammy opted to return home to Vancouver, Canada as long as the other children remained at the institute. Soon Sammy once again falls victim to the violent rampages of his abusive father. Defying a restraining order that he unknowingly had filed against him, Juggernaut goes to Sammy's home for a surprise visit and to possibly bring him back to the Xavier institute. When he sees Sammy, Juggernaut sees his face is covered in bruises. Thrown into a fit of rage Juggernaut goes after Sammy's father who begins to flee while screaming that Sammy fell and he had not touched him. Witnessing the fight, Sammy's mother frantically keeps pressing the button on a device repeatedly, which seems to be a panic button the team Alpha Flight had given to the Paré family just in case Juggernaut showed up. Soon Alpha Flight arrived donning their new Hulk-Buster armor to handle the situation. As the fight escalated Sammy's mother gets trapped under some house debris, Sammy begs Juggernaut to stay away fearing he may hurt his mother some more. Devastated by what he had done to Sammy, Juggernaut loses his will to fight and is arrested by Alpha Flight to later face judgement for all his past crimes.

    Later, Sammy secretly followed Juggernaut to the meeting of the Brotherhood. Juggernaut, at the time, was a member of the X-men and merely pretending the be evil in order to infiltrate the New Brotherhood (lead by Exodus and Black Tom). When he was discovered, Black Tom broke every bone in his body, killing him. Sammy unfortunately died believing Juggernaut a villain. Juggernaut was enraged and attacked Black Tom.

    Powers and Abilities

    Sammy possesses an aquatic mutation. He has a variety of abilities akin to fish. He can survive on land and under water indefinitely. He can breath (and talk) underwater with the use of his fish-like features such as his gills, fins, etc. He is also and excellent swimmer.

    Other Media

    Wolverine and the X-men

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Sammy appeared traveling on a ship with his mother (who is also a mutant) to go to Genosha like other mutants. There he met Nightcrawler and introduced himself as Squidboy. He confessed that it was not his real name and it would be the codename that he prefer if he would be an X-Man. he also discriminates himself because his powers are not strong enough. When the ship was attacked by the Reavers, the mutants went into a panic. Later on, he joined Nightcrawler's team of mutants in that ship. He was sommanded to connect a hose from the lower part of the ship so that the others can fix it. When Spiral discoveed that the mutants are almost freeing themselves, she hostages Squidboy but was saved by Nightcrawler. Spiral and the Reavers then surrendered. They have continued going to Genosha with the other refugees. In the episode "Foresight (Part 2)" Sammy makes a cameo in the crossfire of the Sentinels attacking Genosha, yet he and his mother survive the attack.


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