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    Square Enix is a famous Japanese company that specializes in video games but publishes manga as well.

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    Square Enix proper only came into being in 2003 but was formed through the merger of two older companies (Square and Enix) which had both become associated with video games in the early 80's and at their peak when they merged, they were both best-known specifically for RPG's, having created some of the biggest franchises in the genre; Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts by Square and Dragon Quest by Enix.

    Their manga branch however, which continued with the merger was sourced from Enix who had launched a series of Gangan branded magazines to serialize manga with the primary magazine (Shonen Gangan) running since 1991. Though they did not specifically focus on video-game manga, one of their first successes (which got the cover of Shonen Gangan's first issue) was in fact a Dragon Quest spin-off. Their best-selling manga (and likely best-known) is Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (otherwise known as Fullmetal Alchemist).

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