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    Squall is the lead character in Final Fantasy VIII. He is a member of Balamb Garden, an elite military school that trains youths to become mercenaries, and also one of Sora's allies.

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    Squall Leonhart is a popular character from the Final Fantasy video game series who starred in Final Fantasy VIII (8) with characters like Rinoa Heartily, Zell Dincht, and Seifer Almasy. He was also in the popular Kingdom Hearts series as a nonplayable character and popular boss fight, albeit being one of the main allies of Sora, the protagonist of the game. Throughout his journeys he became far more mature in FFVIII, and the more matured, calmer and cooler Squall is who we see in Kingdom Hearts, not the troubled teen that was played in the original game at all. All in all, Squall Leonhart has appeared in books, games, and multiple other media, but he is only here because he is a character from the Kingdom Hearts manga.


    Kingdom Hearts

    The Final Fantasy take on Squall...

    and the Kingdom Hearts take on Squall

    Leon first appeared as a manga character in the Kingdom Hearts One manga volume. as a mysterious man in Traverse Town after Sora mysteriously appeared. And, seeing that this young man had the Keyblade, the weapon he had been looking for since he'd been forced to abandon Radiant Garden, his hometown. He challenged the young boy to a duel, and defeated him promptly. A woman walked up to him, telling him that maybe he'd just been a little rusty and didn't know how to fight and hold back. She called him "Squall", something he'd let go of a long time ago. He told Aerith not to call him by that name, and she didn't, just sighed.

    The little kid in the alleyway, who just so happened to have a legendary weapon

    They took the kid back to their place (a hotel deeper into Traverse Town, filled with more heartless, though they were able to contain them better in the heart of the city), and waited for him to wake up again. While he lay, Leon attempted to use his Keyblade, only to have it simply dissaparate right back to Sora each and every time. After seeing that this was how it worked, the young boy woke up and saw his weapon come right back to him. Leon explained that the weapon had chosen him, and that Heartless would keep attacking him until he was dead because he had it, the most effective way of killing heartless, so they were naturally extremely scared of it, and, due to the fact that it was the only thing that their master could be defeated by, they were sent out to retrieve it and seal the Keyholes in every world until all of them were overrun with heartless. He was introduced to Sora by Aerith and Yuffie as Leon, and the young boy looked onward at him like he was a role model. After a sudden heartless attack, the two warriors jumped out of the building, and Leon told Sora that the main half of town would be taken care of by him, and the fight was on. After Leon cleared out the town he would find that Sora had actually had the more dangerous part of the job and would apologize to him for not sensing that he should have done the best he could when sensing their presence. Sora had also apparebtly met up with some new partners, the kings men, in fact, that were intent on getting him back to King Mickey as soon as possible, and so, for his parting gift, Leon and his friends gave them some money to live off of for a little while while they still were in a bad financial state, and let them be off.

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