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Green Lantern
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 1995
Sector Partner: Service pre-dated sector partners
Homeworld: Unknown

Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown


Squagga defended Oa and the Guardians of the Universe from the horrors of LEGION alongside many decorated Green Lanterns including, Tomar-Re, Salakk, Kilowog, Sinestro, and the rookie Hal Jordan.  Squagga and the other Lanterns fought relentlessly against the gold plated monster and thought they had contained LEGION in a sphere of solid Oamite.  Squagga lifted the spherical prison high into the Oan atmosphere, with the intention of removing LEGION off world. LEGION proved to be too powerful for Squagga, or the Oamite prison, to contain. The monster burst free from his bonds and renewed his attack, killing Squagga in the process.  The other members of the Green Lantern Corps quickly learned that the threat had not been neutralized when they saw Squagga's power ring fly past them, back to Oa, without its former ring bearer.  Squagga is memorialized in the Crypts of Oa.

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