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Squadron Supreme

Built after the Squadron Cave was comprised by the Institute of Evil, the Squadron Supreme built a secret city as their new secret headquarters and they invited their family members to live with them as a safety precaution after they were used as hostages.

Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe


Squadron Supreme: New World Order

Squadron Supreme Supreme managed to return to their universe from the Marvel Universe, but they soon discovered that the Squadron City was taken over by the Global Directorate and their Blue Eagles when the Squadron was presumed missing in action.

Squadron City Structure

Squadron City Hospital Complex

Master Terminal Room

Squadron City Residential Quadrant

  • Richmond Field (named after their former comrade Nighthawk, Kyle Richmond)
  • Lake Supreme

Squadron City Laboratory Complex

Known Inhabitants:

  • Squadron Supreme (Former):

    • Hyperion
    • Power Princess
    • Doctor Spectrum
    • The Whizzer
    • Amphibian (left)
    • Blue Eagle (deceased)
    • Arcanna
    • Tom Thumb (deceased)
    • Redstone
    • Moonglow
    • Inertia
    • Haywire
    • Mink
  • Institute Of Evil (reformed from the Behavior Modification Device):

    • Ape-X
    • Doctor Decibel (deceased)
    • Foxfire (deceased)
    • Lamprey (deceased)
    • Quagmire (deceased)
    • The Shape
  • Family Members of the Squadron:

    • Madeline Stewart
    • Tina Stewart
    • Phillip Jones
    • Katrina Jones
    • Andrew Jones
    • Drusilla Jones
    • Benjamin Thomas Jones
    • Crowley
    • Howard Shelton (deceased)
  • Global Directorate:

    • Blue Eagles

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