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Led by Sergent Cloud, Squad K is a high tech government team whose sole purpose is to take down Superman should he ever be a threat to the country.

Squad K made their first appearance in Superman during the Coming of Atlas story arch. Though Squad K's first confrontation with Superman was a misunderstanding, Col. Perseus Hazard made it clear that Squad K wasn't going anywhere. 

 Their second appearance was made during the New Krypton Story arch, where they appeared alongside General Lane's own anti-Kryptonian outfit, though it was very clear that Hazard was still in charge of Squad K.
 As a result of their  "partnership" and Gen.Lane's extended emergency powers, Squad K was forced to take on Reactron on a mission to bring in Nightwing and Flamebird. Once Squad K got the two in custody, Reactron Killed Hazard and several members of Squad K, supposedly by Gen. Lane's orders.
  The new Squad K is completly in General Lane's pocket, and is lead by a Sergent Cloud,of which little is know.

  Squad K has many futuristic weapons at their disposal. They have so far displayed/mentioned the following as a part of their arsenal:
Skinjanglers= bursts of concentrated lightning.  
Screamers= High-Intensity sonics.  
Microcrocollider Grenades= ????  
SubSonic Curtain= ???????

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