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    One of the most powerful international spy agencies in the world founded by the enigmatic Otto Netz, known as the first Agent Zero and Doctor Dedalus. Formerly lead by his daughter Kathy Kane and later Mr. Minos, the organization's current director is Patron, known as the Tiger King of Kandahar.

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    Originally a U.N sanctioned international agency, Spyral was founded by the German superspy Otto Netz, currently known under the pseudonym of Doctor Dedalus.

    Spyral specializes in mind erosion, brainwashing, and misdirection, with a heavy "spider's web" theme prevalent throughout and using a hypnos implant.

    "This is how it is when you are caught helplessly in the spinner's web. Beating your wings against the sticky threads."


    Spyral was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist Chris Burnham for the first volume of Batman Incorporated.


    Although their first official mention was in issue #4, in the previous issue the original Knight (Percy Sheldrake) is wounded on mission during the Falklands War (tasked to trap Dedalus in an isolated lighthouse) is clutching a calling card with a eye in the centre of a spider's web. The same design comes up again in the following issue when Agent 33 hands the Spyral business card to Kathy Kane.

    Notable Members

    Otto Netz / Dr Dedalus / Agent Zero

    Head and founder of Spyral. He reveals to Batman that "governments paid me to kill their troublesome superhumans...their heroes. It was my specialty."

    His obsession with the symbolism of the spider web and the spiral reinforces the "elaborate deceptions" that he and his department were paid to create.

    Netz later went rogue and worked for Talia al Ghul and Leviathan until finally killed by Robin.

    El Gaucho / Agent 33

    Agent of Spyral who originally brought Kathy Kane into the organization. Now the Argentinian hero known as El Gaucho, he kept his past secret until he double-crosses Batman in the Labyrinth of Dedalus during the events of Leviathan Strikes! This proves to be a ruse, however, because the poison he was supposed to administer to the Dark Knight was in fact the antidote to the mind eroding gas that he had been affected by. Dedalus responses to this double treachery by stabbing him the neck. The wound would have been mortal, were it not for the fact it missed his carotid artery by half an inch.

    Kathy Kane

    After being recently widowed, a young Agent 33 proposes that she joins Spyral at the recommendation of Agent Zero. During her stint as the first Batwoman, she falls in love with Batman. This secret relationship was exposed later on by Dedalus' hallucinogens, where in response to Kathy's attempt at blackmail, he reveals that in fact he is her biological father.

    "...when he learns his bride is the daughter of an unrepentant Nazi Master Criminal."

    Thought dead by Batman at the hands of Bronze Tiger, Kathy returns and reveals herself to be the headmistress of Spyral by executing Talia al Ghul with a shot in the head.

    The Hood / Agent 24

    British agent of Spyral who served as its mole in Batman Incorporated and continues to serve in the present day.

    Miss Hexley

    Headmistress of St. Hadrians training academy

    Lotti Duff

    Student at St. Hadrains

    Lazlo Valentin

    Former member of Spyral, who designed neo-pharmaceutical products. One such example is the mind eroding gas compound which the crazed Dr Dedalus uses in his final confrontation with Batman in the Labyrinth .

    Whilst working for Spyral, Lazlo was also subjected to the compound whilst in the Labyrinth for which " the only exit was via violent paranoid schizophrenia, drug abuse and D.I.Y surgery...Lazlo became Professor Pyg."

    Dick Grayson / Agent 37

    After the events of Forever Evil, Dick Grayson's identity as Nightwing has been revealed to the world. Batman asks Dick to fake his death and join Spyral in order to spy on them and find out their intentions of hunting masked heroes. Dick is working closely with fellow Spyral agent Helena Bertinelli.

    Helena Bertinelli / Matron

    Alluded to by name throughout Batman Inc, Huntress (Bertinelli) is revealed to be the Matron of Spyral once Agent 37 joins the organization.

    Mr. Minos

    Head of Spyral when Dick Grayson joins the organization whose goal is to find out the secrets of all the superheroes. Thinking himself in power, Minos was actually placed in order to lure Dick Grayson and executed by Agent 0 once he served his purpose.

    The Tiger / Agent 1

    The Tiger King of Kandahar and Pashtun Afghani master spy partner to Agent 8

    Alia / Agent 8

    Partner of Agent 1 and lover of Agent 37 who is seemingly executed by The Old Gun but resurfaces impersonating Dick and going rogue.

    Dr. Frau Netz

    Daughter of Agent Zero and scientist recruited by her father's organization, but working with Agent 8 for nefarious purposes.

    Dr. Poppy Ashemoore

    Former owner of a cannibalistic super stomach of Paragon who upon being stopped from eating spies was offered a job with the organization. Recently revealed to be a double agent for the mysterious Mother.


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