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Spyral is a thief claiming to be from another dimension. He has encountered the Fantastic Five as opposition to his schemes several times in his past 
In Spyral's first appearance he breaks into the Fantastic Five museum using his time/dimension portal technology.  He attempts to steal a power cell artifact recently retrieved by the Fantastic Five in the Negative Zone.  Spyral believes the power cell can help increase the power of his warp spirals and allow him to return to his home dimension.  His plan is eventually thwarted by the Fantastic Five and Spider-Girl (she was a patron attending the museum exhibit as May Parker at the time of the incident) and is placed in prison.
Eventually Spyral escapes from prison and makes a second attempt to generate a portal strong enough to return home.  Once again Spider-Girl intervenes with his plans and they both tumble into the portal together, her added weight throws off the calculations and in turn ends up sending them some 20 years into the past where Spider-Girl encounters her parents as teenagers.  Spyral and Spider-Girl eventually make a truce to work together and get back to the proper time from whence they came.  Once back Spider-Girl subdues Spyral so he can be returned back to prison.


Spyral posses warp spiral powers which can be formed into portals, blasts of energy, or even shields.  His portals can transport himself and others to different dimensions or times.  It is unclear if the powers he generates are completely technology based or if he himself can generate the warp spirals and uses technology to enhance their power.


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