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    Spyne is a former member of the Dark Riders and was killed by Wolverine but resurrected during Necrosha.

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    Spyne was one of the mutant members of the Dark Riders. A cannibalistic carnivore, Spyne views his adversaries as a meal more than anything else. Not much is known about his origin.


    Spyne was created by Jeph Loeb and Steve Skroce and first appeared in Cable Volume 1 issue 17 (1994).

    Major Story Arcs

    Against Cable

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    Spyne was first seen with the Dark Riders as they hunted down the team's former member Foxbat in Alexandria, Egypt. Later, Spyne was amongst those Dark Riders that hunted Caliban Morlock Tunnels and clashed with Cable, Storm, and Domino. Spyne was able to disarm Cable, but Cable defeated him with his telekinetic powers. After clashing with Cable and his allies once more in Egypt, whereupon their leader was revealed to be Cable's son Tyler, calling himself Genesis, Spyne and the Dark Riders captured Faye Livingstone, a woman who once had a romantic history with Mister Sinister. The Dark Riders then captured Jean Grey for Genesis.

    Versus Wolverine and Death

    After the events with Mister Sinister, Spyne took part in breaking Cyber out of a Scottish dungeon and took them to their rebuilt fortress in Egypt where the villain was stripped of his adamantium in a process that killed him. When the feral X-Man Wolverine infiltrated their fortress, the Dark Riders captured him and attempted to use Cyber's former adamantium skin to bond to Wolverine's bones, recently removed of its original adamantium by Magneto. When fellow X-Man Cannonball interfered with Genesis's plans for Wolverine, Spyne and the others started to beat up on Cannonball. This allowed Wolverine to break free from the bonding process, and both he and Cannonball fled to Apocalypse 's resurrection chamber, where the Dark Riders pursued them.

    In the ensuing battle, Spyne was killed by Wolverine just as he was prepared to attack Cannonball. Wolverine then used Spyne's severed tail to ensare and kill his fellow Dark Rider Deadbolt.


    Spyne, Deadbolt, and Hurricane --the mutant members of the Dark Riders--were collectively resurrected via the Techno-organic virus and the Hellfire Club's former Black Queen Selene's mysticism. The revived mutants are mind-controlled into attacking Emma Frost, the X-Men, and the Hellfire Club as an act of revenge against all those who stood in her way of her becoming a goddess. The former Dark Riders fought alongside one another against the X-Men's Dazzler and Psylocke.

    Alternate versions

    Age of Apocalypse


    In this alternate reality, Spyne was a member of the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants along with teammates Box, Copycat, Arclight, and Yeti. They were charged with stopping the X-Men from evacuating a large group of humans in the "Great Sentinel Airlift". They were quickly defeated by the X-Men, although Box and Copycat were able to temporarily escape. Spyne was tracked down by the X-Man Iceman and most likely killed.


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