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A wealthy industrialist by the name of Sinclair Abbot decided to become the new Spymaster. He did this by having Nathan Lemon arrested, severely beaten in prison, and then murdered by his wife while in intensive care. He later hired and sent the Ghost to infiltrate Stark International while attempting to play mind games with Tony Stark who he knew to be Iron Man.

Major Story Arcs

Civil War

While the Civil War was raging in the Superhero community, Spymaster was hired by Karim Wahwash Najeeb (chairman of the World Islamic Peace Coalition and one of the men responsible for the death of Stark's mentor Ho Yinsen) to assassinate Tony Stark. To this end, Spymaster attempted to murder Tony's friend and chauffeur in order to draw Iron Man out, but Happy Hogan managed to fight back and both men fell several stories to the ground. Happy later succumbed to his injuries and died in hospital, but Spymaster survived.

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