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    Evan is a mutant with the power to manipulate his bones.

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    Evan Daniels, a high-school freshman, is Storm's nephew. Spyke was born in New York, New York to an unknown father and Vivian Daniels. His mutant powers are first noticed at his high school basketball game by his aunt, Storm. Also on his team was Quicksilver, another mutant. The next night, Storm, along with Scott and Jean told Evan's parents about his mutant powers and asked them to allow their son to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Evan angrily declines on his own behalf and leaves. Evan may be Storm's nephew, but he doesn't want any special treatment. He's a nice guy with a great sense of humor - albeit sometimes biting.


    Spyke was created by Robin N Skir and Steve E. Gordon for the 2000 X-Men: Evolution animated series. As an African American, he was originally created as a way to diversify the X-Men's roster on the show. According to the show's producer, Boyd Kirkland, turning Bishop into a teenager for this purpose would simply not have worked. Despite his similar powers to Marrow, Kirkland claims that this was not intentional.


    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 185 lbs

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Blond


    Spyke projecting his bones.
    Spyke projecting his bones.

    Bone Manipulation: Spyke's mutant ability involves rapid bone growth - allowing him to sprout protrusions through his skin to form protective coatings and spikes. Whenever he does this while wearing his costume, all holes caused by the spikes are automatically patched up. Stegosaurus-like spurs shoot out from his arms and back, which he can use offensively. The bones grow all over his face and limbs, and look really fearsome.

    Spyke's Bone Armor.
    Spyke's Bone Armor.

    Bone Spikes: Spyke can extend his melee range with bones much harder than regular human bone extended out of his body, they are usually used as melee weapons.

    Projectile Spikes: Spyke can launch spikes made out of bones that are much harder than regular human bone anywhere from his body. He usually launched them from either his arms or his stomach.

    Burning Spikes: Spyke has developed the ability to heat the tips of his spikes, to the point where they are almost flaming.

    Self-Repairing Exoskeleton/Bone Armor: Spyke originally just grew a bunch of bone spikes over his body, then later created a self-repairing dinosaur-like exoskeleton made out of spiked armor plated bones. The armor can defend against very powerful attacks that regular human bone couldn't defend against.

    Enhanced Strength: Spyke has strength almost twice that of a normal human, which is likely the result of hardening his bones.

    Healing Factor: Spyke possesses a healing factor that seals wounds when he's projecting his bone spikes, and repairs his bone armor. The true extent of his healing factor is unknown.

    Wall Crawling: Spyke can projects spikes from his feet to scale walls.

    Unfortunately for Spyke, a recent 'Power Surge' forced the "spikes" to become permanent and he is no longer able to draw them back into his body. Having a hard time dealing with this, he has chosen to go underground and join the misfit group of mutants known as the Morlocks. Spyke's entire body is now covered in hard, plated spikes, and he is now able to heat the tips of his spikes to the point where they are almost flaming, making him a very powerful, very dangerous warrior for the Morlocks. He also gained the power to grow small spikes on his feet to help him climb and stick to walls.


    Skateboarding: Evan can skateboard very well.


    Removing the bone spikes he produced rapidly depleted his body's calcium levels. He fixed this problem by drinking milk. His current weakness is his inability to control his powers.

    Other versions



    David Evan Munroe Jr. was born in New Jersey to an unknown father and Vivian Munroe (Storm's father's sister). Vivian named her son David, after Ororo’s father, who had died too soon. Unfortunately, she later became a drug addict and eventually died of HIV, leaving young David in the care of his loving grandparents. As of yet David hasn't manifested any mutant powers. He also has yet to join the X-Men and has only recently met Storm in this universe.

    Other Media

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    A member of the Brotherhood appears in X-Men:The Last Stand portrayed by Lance Gibson. While his name is spelled similar to the Spike of the comics, the character's powers are very similar to that of the Spyke from X-Men: Evolution.


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