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The villain called the Swagman is an Australian bomber who came into conflict with the hero called the Dark Ranger. His costume is inspired by armor worn by Australian criminal Ned Kelly. When the Club of Villains was assembled, the Swagman was one of the villains contacted.

He, along with Pierrot Lunaire, is tasked with bringing in Robin for the Joker. The Swagman, riding his motorcycle, attacks Robin while he is riding his motorcyle. The Swagman attacks Robin at a junkyard, but is defeated when Robin topples a large amount of garbage onto him. He is defeated later by the new Dark Ranger, the original's sidekick the Scout, with a taser gun.

Powers and Abilities

His weapons of choice are an RPG rocket launcher and a Ruger Blackhawk Revolver. Also a skilled motorcyclist.

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