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Springfield's exact location in the United States is never revealed. However, there have been hints pointing out possibilities of the actual location. Springfield is perceived to be located in middle America. However, in some episodes they show Springfield near a very large body of water. Springfield is also surrounded by some mountains and is near a giant gorge. Shelbyville is the neighboring city, and the "Capital City of the state" is called "Capital City", and is also located near Springfield. In The Simpsons Movie, it is revealed that the four states bordering Springfield are Ohio, Nevada, Kentucky, and Maine, Making it's location a majority of the United States.


742 Evergreen Terrace

The Flanders' House

Powers' House

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

The Merchants

Springfield Elementary Staff & Students

The Law & Government


The Entertainment

The Religion

Elderly & Forgotten at Springfield Retirement Castle

Everyone Else


  • The Springfield theater is called the "Googoplex" - the same word as the mathematical term for the number 10^{10^{100}}.

  • Movies that have been featured at the Googoplex include "Editor-In-Chimp," "Chocolate 2: The Vanilla-ing," "Wedgie: The Movie" and "Final Chapter: A New Beginning."

  • Springfield has a strong and bitter rivalry with neighboring city, Shelbyville that dates back to the founders, Jebediah Springfield and Shelbyville Manhattan.

  • The town baseball team are the the Springfield Isotopes.

  • "Whacking Day" dates back to May 10, 1775 when Jebediah Springfield was said to have killed all the snakes in Springfield. This was later proven false by Bart Simpson.


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