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Principal: Seymour Skinner

Inspection: Superintendent Chalmers, Assistant Superintendent Leopold and State Comptroller Atkins

Teachers: Mrs. Edna Krabappel (4th grade)

Ms. Elizabeth Hoover (2nd grade)

Mr. Bergstrom (substitute teacher - 2nd grade)

Mrs. Audrey McConnel (3rd grade)

Mr. Dewey Largo (music)

Mrs. Brunella Pommelhorst ( 4th grade gym)

Mr. Krupt (4th grade gym)

Mr. Johnson ( 3rd grade gym)

Mr. Kupferberg (french)

Staff: Groundskeeper Willie

Lunchlady Doris Peterson

Myra (Principal's secretary)

Miss Phipps

Dr. J. Loren Pryor (school psychologist)


2nd Grade:

1. Lisa Simpson

2. Janey Powell

3. Allison Taylor

4. Ralph Wiggum

5. Alex Withney

6. Weasel #1

7. Weasel #2

8. Ham

9. Cosine

10. E-Mail

11. ReportCard

4th Gradre:

1. Bart Simpson

2. Sherri & Terri

3. Nelson Muntz

4. Milhouse Van Houten

5. Martin Prince

6. Wendell

7. Uter

8. Lewis

9. Richard

10. Database

11. Michael D’Amico

12. Jessica Lovejoy

13. Melissa

14. Jaffee

15. Bashir

6th Grade:

1. Jimbo Jones

2. Dolph

3. Kearney

4. Laura Powers


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