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When walking home from work one day Scott noticed a dog lying on the sidewalk. It appeared to have been hit by a car. He reached out to touch the dying animal and got bitten. He carried on walking home but began to feel strange, shortly after his first transformation into a wereterrier happened. Being a wereterrier didn't affect his life too much, he simply spent the one day of the month when there was a full moon alone at home. His life changed when he decided to stop for coffee at Dixie's Firehouse, this is where he first encountered Gwen Dylan. He went to the coffee shop everyday waiting for her to show up, he had fallen for her and would just sit staring, until one day she invited him to join her and Ellie. A few days later he reveals his secret to them and to his surprise they reveal that they also have similar secrets, Gwen is a zombie and Ellie is a ghost. Gwen jokingly refers to him as Spot. He has since become a vital member of the group, helping Gwen right the wrongs of the current person who's brain she has eaten.

Recent Events

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As well as Gwen and Ellie, Vincent, a work friend of Scott’s has also discovered his secret. He showed up at Scott’s apartment unannounced, and knowing where Scott keeps his spare key he was able to just walk in, catching him in Wereterrier form.

Recently Scott went to visit his Grandfather in hospital, he had suffered a heart attack. It was the first time he and his Grandfather had spoke in years, despite him being the one who raised Scott from an early age after the death of his parents. At the hospital they argue and Gramps suffers another heart attack and passes away. Shortly after, a devastated Scott wonders around town and decides to visit a Zoo his Grandfather would often take him to as a child. He begins to cry and starts talking to a chimp, to his surprise the chimp replies. His grandfather's oversoul had left his body and followed Scott to the zoo, where it somehow got stuck in the body of a chimp!

Difference from Werewolves

Spot is not a werewolf but a were-"Terrier". So far we know Were-terrier's suffer similarly to Werewolves. Full moon's trigger their condition and they become very furry. The major difference so far is that Werewolves are seen as hostile and violent creatures while Spot is friendly and loyal, much like a Terrier dog. Spots appearance when he is transformed resembles a Scottish Terrier.

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