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Spore was created by Geoff Johns and Gene Ha.


Doctor Samuel Street was a biological warfare specialist who designed a virus called the "Spore" Virus. When a victim is exposed to the Spore virus, the victim is mutated into a large monster able to create mindless "Seeds" at a rate of one every ten seconds. Spore is able to control them telepathically.

Whilst delivering the virus to ARGUS for safekeeping, an unknown assailant attacked and broke into the Black Room to steal the Orb of Ra, leaving Street exposed to the Spore virus. Following the mutation, Street attacked his ex-wife, whom he had had a messy divorce and had been abusive to. Spore is ultimately stopped by the Justice League, albeit off screen.


Spore's powers share some similarities with Clayface,but also possess different powers too.

  • Super Strength
  • Stamina - Since his body has been modified by the virus his physical appearance and physiology have been drastically altered to a point that it does not require air,food or sleep.
  • Regeneration - Spore can quickly recover from almost any injury. He's able to reconstitute his body from even an extremelysmall mass in only a matter of seconds.
  • Shape-Shifting - The Spore can assume any shape or form,but is uncapable to take the form of another person or even his own human form.
  • Elasticity
  • Duplication: Spore is able to create mindless duplicates of himself,which controls telepathically. Cyborg stated that Spore is able to created one duplicate at every ten seconds.
  • Super-Eating: As mentioned by Cyborg their duplicates eat human flesh and probably other organic matter, but it is not known if the own Spore do the same.


Dr. Samuel Street is specialist in chemistry and biology.


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