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Spore was a super bio weapon created by the Deviants during their war with the Eternals. When Spore was unleashed, it consumed any living being until it was destroyed by one of the Celestials. Spore's liquified remains were absorbed into the soil and his life essence survived in the plants that sprouted from the ground. That land would be part of a place called Tierra Verde which was controlled by a drug lord named Felix Caridad.  
Spore was resurrected from the cocaine that was manufactured from the plants that grew from his soil. Caridad injected himself with a dose of tainted cocaine and became Spore. The living weapon came into conflict with Wolverine and La Bandera. Spore was eventually defeated when it was touched by Sister Salvation.  


Spore was created by Archie Goodwin, John Byrne and Klaus Janson in 1990 and first appeared in Wolverine # 21. Spore did technically appear earlier in the same volume of Wolverine, #17 however he is unrevealed, working from behind the shadows. Spore is a Marvel comics character. 

Powers and Abilities

Capable of extreme regenerative healing to an unknown extent even after having its body dispersed, Spore's basic physical make up, gives it extreme durability to most forms of attacks. Offensively it can envelop people and thus increase in size and power. Spore was created by the Deviants to fight Eternals and proved so effective at one point the Celestials decided to neutralize it. Spore was more than capable of lifting more than 100 tons.  
Physical Characteristics 
Height: Variable 
Weight: Variable 
Eyes: Red
Hair: None

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