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This episode is another SpongeBob special - as usual, presented by Patchy the Pirate (president of the SpongeBob SquarePants fan club) and his parrot Potty. Patchy is celebrating his own party in his house and tells the story of how it was when SpongeBob himself threw a party.

It all starts in the Barg'n Mart, where SpongeBob is going shopping to achieve a new record in fast shopping. SpongeBob unintentionally bothers the angry cashier, Lou, who acts similarly to Squidward. SpongeBob notices a plan-your-own-party kit and, to get SpongeBob to finally leave, the cashier tells him that the store is having a "special" on the kits: they are free if you leave now. SpongeBob, of course, leaves and opens the kit immediately.

According to the box, the invitations are the first step to success. A short list - consisting only of the closest friends. But SpongeBob is already exaggerating on this point as he invites all sorts of people he once knew, including a spectacled fish from kindergarten who seems less than interested. SpongeBob has developed his own "rough" plan for the evening:

  • 8:00-8:05: Guests arrive
  • 8:05-8:15: Opening remarks & general discussion
  • 8:15-8:27: Craft corner & name tag distribution
  • 8:27-8:37: Cracker eating/tongue twister contest
  • 8:37-8:52: Read aloud from the newspaper comics
  • 8:52-9:03: Eat cake
  • 9:03-9:07: Laughter
  • 9:07-9:20: Running charades
  • 9:20-9:38: Finger puppet theater
  • 9:38-9:57: Charity apple bob
  • 9:57-10:00: Electric jitterbug dance marathon (Ladies choice)
  • 10:00-10:09: Dance your pants off
  • 10:09-10:41: Knock-knock jokes
  • 10:41-10:47: Squidward makes light conversation with Mr. Krabs

SpongeBob thinks that as long as he sticks to this plan, nothing can go wrong. But SpongeBob is already desperate when the first guest - Patrick - is 40 seconds late. And the party ends up being not the way SpongeBob imagines at all. People eat and dance, but everything at the wrong time. When SpongeBob wants to bring the newspaper outside to read from a comic, he is locked up and has to watch with horror how his party - in his opinion - gets out of control. Guests are finally having fun without SpongeBob's control-freak habits, but SpongeBob does not see this. All the attempts of SpongeBob to get back into his house fail. He digs himself into the house, but is crushed back through his path by Pearl leading the bunny hop. Enraged as he was supposed to lead this event, SpongeBob decides to break into the house and is discovered by the police.

At first, SpongeBob tries to convince the officers that it is his own house, and that he was only celebrating a party and has locked himself out. But a few seconds later, the police return - angry that they were not invited, they take SpongeBob with a more old-fashioned version of handcuffs (a pillory). The next morning, SpongeBob returns to his house. Suddenly, he realizes he was hiding a replacement key under his floor mat. When he sees the chaos of the past party, he believes that this party ended in disaster. But just a moment later he is greeted by Patrick, who has apparently spent the whole night in SpongeBob's house, saying that this was the greatest party they had ever been to. Patrick does not know how SpongeBob did it, but recommends he should write it down and do it again next weekend.



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