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Green Lantern

Status: Active

Space Sector: 47

Sector Partner: Lysandra

Homeworld: Cyc

Predecessor: Unnamed, from Cyc

Successor: Inapplicable


When the previous Green Lantern of Cyc was killed in deep space, the Guardians of the Universe called upon one of his kinsmen to assume the responsibilities of Space Sector 47. Spol of Cyc was assigned by the Guardians to prevent the inhabitants of Zintha from altering their world's orbital path. He met resistance from the planet, and was asked to travel to the world's surface to negotiate a settlement. On Zintha, he was surprised to meet Lysandra, a fellow Green Lantern. Spol did not understand why the Guardians had chosen two Green Lanterns to a single sector. Lysandra explained her unique situation.

Mortally wounded after a battle in space, the previous Green Lantern of Cyc fell to the planet Zintha. In his last moment of life, he had chosen Lysandra of Zintha as his successor. Due to her religious beliefs, Lysandra could not leave her world or even look up towards the heavens. Understanding her dilemma, the Guardians granted her special dispensation to be the Green Lantern for Zintha alone. Zintha's people believed their sun would soon go nova. They believed it would be blasphemy against their god, Thar, to leave their planet. Lysandra's solution was to move the planet by focusing their wills through her power battery.

Spol tried to stop the Zinthians, and was in turn stopped by Lysandra. The two went to a distant mountain to discuss their mutual problem. He explained to her that Zintha's sun was actually a living being about to give birth. The movement of the planet would cause an imbalance fatal to the living star. Lysandra flew back to the Temple and seized the power battery. The collective will power was difficult to fight, but finally, she was able to tear the lantern free of her people's grasp. Thousands of miles above, Spol re-established Zintha's orbit. The living star gave birth, and Zintha was warmed by the light of two suns.

His first mission successful, Spol told Lysandra of the true history of her world. Thar, the Zinthian's god, was actually the living star. Eons ago, after a space war killed most of Lysandra's race, her people swore to avoid future war by never again traveling to the stars. Thar had invited them to live on Zintha.

Since Spol's partner, Lysandra, cannot leave her planet because of her religious beliefs; Spol, an atheist, resents his partner's absence and continually requests a new one.


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