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    Actor turned murderer for hire, Splice was one of Wonder Man's Hollywood adversaries.

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    Splice was created by Gerard Jones and Jeff Johnson. He made his first appearance in December 1991's Wonder Man #4.

    Powers & Abilities

    Splice wears an exo-skeleton of sorts that enhances his strength, speed, and agility. It also serves as body armor, rendering him bulletproof and protecting him from impacts. The suit was shown to be able to withstand several punches from Wonder Man.

    The suit is also equipped with wrist-mounted extendable blades and carries Splice's entire arsenal, including a dagger, throwing stars, and a multitude of grenade pellets with special options for specific uses. Splice for instance carried special ion-dampening pellets designed specifically to disrupt the powers of an ionically-charged being like Wonder Man. He has also made use of electroshock, shockwave, and gas pellets.


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