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    Robert Delgado's mutant power is to hurl super-heated balls of plasma from his mouth. He was turned into a Brood by Harry Palmer, a human turned Brood, and would come into conflict with the X-Men.

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    Spitball attacks Havok.
    Spitball attacks Havok.

    Robert Delgado was a mutant that was infected by the Brood when they attempted to invade Earth. After his mutant powers manifested, Robert accidentally set fire to his office and began suffering from a heart attack. A paramedic named Harry Palmer arrived who was implanted with a Queen egg and had started infecting mutants to create a Brood force with abilities to rival the X-Men. He infected Robert as well, saving him from dying from a heart attack, but making him into a murderous Brood.

    Numerous mutants were infected including Spitball, Tension, Temptress, Blindside, Dive-Bomber, Lockup, Brickbat and Whiphand.

    Spitball attacked Dazzler and they crash through a diner window. He pins the lovely girl to the floor by her throat, getting ready to finish her off. However, Dazzler fires photon beams from her eyes and knocks Spitball across the diner floor. Spitball fires super-heated plasma from his mouth and blast numerous patrons off their feet. Spitball escapes after Whiphand and Blindside are killed in battle. He is later killed when his plasma blast causes a wall to collapse and it crushes him and Lockup.

    The rest of his infected teammates were slain by the X-Men after they resolved that the Brood's human hosts were beyond saving.


    Spitball was created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri in 1988 and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #232.

    Powers & Abilities

    Spitball is a mutant that can hurl super-heated plasma from his mouth. Having been infected by the Brood, he was granted claws, fangs, and a degree of superhuman strength like all Brood.


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