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Spirit also known as Xira is a Luphomoid adventurer. At some point the cosmic being Galactus feasted on the Luphomoid home planet Luphom. Xira is one of the few survivors of her people. She is the sister Kraa and Zorr. Nebula is her alleged niece. Her relation to Thanos, if any, is uncertain, giving Nebula's uncertain blood relationship with the mad titan. Spirit seeks her own death in battle but only wants to be killed by a worthy foe, such as an Avatar of Death. She worshipped an Avatar who happened to resemble Death Metal in appearance. She followed Death Metal in hopes of facing him in battle and meet her death. However they ended up allying in a different battle. Spirit emerged as one of Gamora's Graces alongside Cerise, Nebula, Stellaris and Tana Nile. She seems to have met her end fighting the Swarm in the Annihilation Wave. 


Xira the Spirit first appeared in Death Metal #2  released in February, 1994. Her last appearances was in Annihilation: Ronan #4 released in September, 2006. Spirit is created by Simon Furman and John Royle.    

Powers and Abilities

Spirit is swift, agile, strong enough to lift 4 tons and highly skilled as a warrior. However whether her abilities are actually superhuman is uncertain. Her main weapon was an energy staff, which could fire powerful blasts, could cause blunt force trauma to opponents and was sharp enough to cut them. 
Physical Characteristics 
Height: 5'7" 
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Unrevealed
Eyes: Solid White

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