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The Spinsterhood is an order of extraterrestrial female warriors appearing in Silver Surfer Vol. 3, #80 (May 1993) published by Marvel comics.


Ganymede, last survivor of the Spinsterhood
Ganymede, last survivor of the Spinsterhood

An ancient order of extraterrestrial women who were formed in a far off planet in a secret underground monastery to learn the art of combat. The sole purpose however was not to live a life away from other sentient lifeforms but to with the sole purpose of opposing the evil cosmic being called the Tyrant. Members of the order who earned a higher ranking was indicated by the face stripes, it could be concluded she is a superior fighter. All members also had another tattooed symbol on their chests of a downturned stylized dagger which was the markings of the Spinsterhood.

After centuries of opposing Tyrant the Spinsterhood defeated him and discovered their dedicated existence to the defeat of Tyrant now left them with no other purpose for themselves. Collectively deciding to have the members disperse themselves throughout the universe in special suspended animation cocoons awaiting to be awakened should the threat of Tyrant ever reappear.

Time would pass and the Spinsterhood and the time of Tyrant had passed and forgotten in history. The stasis chambers of the Spinsterhood Temple were destroyed, killing the warriors within them. Only with the exception of Ganymede and the clone Persephone, all the members of the Spinsterhood perished over the course of several billion years. When Tyrant eventually rose again to menace the universe, only Ganymede and Persephone represented the Spinsterhood in the group of heroes allied to stop him.

Powers and Abilities

Both Ganymede and Persephone have been shown to posses several attributes which assist in surviving in the harsh habitat of space. It is therefore believed that all Spinsterhood members once possessed the same attributes. The powers and equipment which have been demonstrated are as follow. They have enhanced superhuman attributes such superhuman strength at about Class 10, enhanced durability, stamina, agility, reaction time, recovery time, and speed. The members can apparently survive in a vacuum and are not harmed by the harsh radiation of space.

The Spinsterhood are masters of various ancient forms of combat. All members specialize in the use of a technologically sophisticated bo-like staff. Extremally durable the Energy Bo-Staffs also have concussive energy projection blasts. They also wore flight belts which allowed them interstellar traveling capacities while in space.


  • Ganymede: Ganymede is the last true surviving member of her race.
  • Persephone: Persephone is an engineered clone of a deceased member of the Spinsterhood.


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