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Daughter of the notorious sorcerer Kurudred the Blood Drinker, Spindrifter is also known by her real name Marandi Sjörokker. Her father's reputation a factor, when he was defeated by a band of powerful Sorcerers known as the League of Three Three's they were weary of Marandi and her potential, but also uncertain as to how to treat her, as she was only a child of 12 years. They decided not to kill her, and at least wait until she got older before they would judge her as dangerous a threat as her father and then execute her. Knowing before he was killed, the fate of his daughter, Kurudred the Blood Drinker cast a spell and enchantment on his daughter, preventing her from growing older, at least in appearance. A denizen of the Cloudsea dimension, Marandi spent 207 years traveling dimensions, learning magic and seeing and learning what she could, all the while appearing as she did at age 12. Marandi has spent some time on Earth and even once lived in the same neighborhood as Spider-man. Marandi enjoyed her time on Earth, even fostering a fascination and appreciation for Vikings and Samurai. In spite of this, she decided to return to her native dimension of the Cloudsea. It was in this time that she encountered a giant great vile creature known as the Tordenkakerlakk.  Spindrifter, initially could defeat the insectoid Tordenkakerlakk, also known as the Thunder Cockroach. However through some unknown means the creature returned and would return each time it was beat, growing in power and stature after each defeat. Spindrifter then recruited the help of an older Spider-man who managed to delay the Tordenkakerlakk. More importantly Spider-man helped Spindrifter realize that only she could defeat this powerful foe, and summoning the sums of her mighty mystical power, Marandi was able to vanquish Tordenkakerlakk permanently. It was then that the age spell preventing her from growing was broken, allowing Marandi to now mature physically.     


Marandi also known as Spindrifter is a Marvel comics character, created by Susan K Putney and Berni Wrightson. The character first appears in Marvel Graphic Novel #22.

Powers and Abilities 

Proficient and powerful arcane magic user, Marandi was supposedly said to have mystic capabilities potentially on par with Dr Strange himself. Especially after she was able to overcome her physical age enchantment and start to grow into her age and power. She was adept at using inter dimensional portals to access other realms. She could fly. Spindrifter also employed the use of a sentient ship referred to as the Nonesuch.   
Physical Characteristics 
Height: 5' 
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

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