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Spin is really a man named Auerbach. He is the son of big media person who owned TV networks including KN news which Auerbach wished to become apart of and became a journalist. On one of his stories he found a strange man named Edwar Martinez. Martinez can feel what a person fears and make it real. After taking over KN news Auerbach hooked Edwar to devices in the building's basement and became Spin. He made him watch the news and used his powers during his crimes. One one of his crimes Edwar created an Earthquake for him while trying to steal a Faberge Egg due to people having fears of one in Hub City. He even used Edward to make Flash steal from fans at a local Stadium. People began to hate Flash and Spin even turned Jay Garrick against West. However Flash soon discovered them and the summoned Gorilla Grodd and Nzame however he did not go along and started a fight and during Edward was released from his devices losing control of his skills.

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