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Darian Elliot's history before he became a mutant is largely unknown. He has stated that he is a nephew of Storm of the X-Men.


Spike was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred and first appeared in X-Force Vol.1 issue 121 (2001).

Major Story Arcs

With X-Statix

Brought on board by Spike Freeman to bring more racial diversity to the team, the cocky Spike took an imediate dislike to teammate and fellow African American Anarchist, calling the seasoned if paranoid team veteran "'Captain Coconut' – black on the outside and white on the inside" at a press conference.

Thus began the constant power struggle between Spike and the Anarchist over who was the most worthy of the two. Spike's brawn ultimately imploded under the weight of his bombast when he was killed in a battle against the villainous Bush Rangers.

Other Media

X-Men the Last Stand (2006)

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Spike can be seen as one of the mutants that join Magneto's army. He takes it up against the likes of Wolverine, greatly injuring him, but Spike himself seemingly died in the fight.


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