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    Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter, born on Mars, in the year 2071. Holding the traits of a 'Cowboy', Spike is a free-spirit man, who freely roams space with a crew of bounty hunters, on a ship called 'Bebop'. A risk-taker and daring person, he is a very sly and laid-back character. With his gun 'Jericho 941' and a high level of Jeet Kune Do training, Spike is known, throughout space, as one of the best bounty hunters.

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    Spike was born on Mars in the year 2044 A.D. to a very shadowed past. He was an enforcer for the Red Dragon crime syndicate alongside his then partner, Vicious, who was also in the Red Dragon. After a sever injury, following a shoot-out on Mars, Spike would find himself being nursed by the hands of Julia, who was unknowingly the girlfriend of Vicious. Spike and Julia would fall in love, in that small period of time. He planned to leave the syndicate and escape with Julia. However, Vicious found out about the plan. It is unclear, what happened next, but Spike managed to escape the syndicate by faking his death. He waited for Julia, but with by the hands of Vicious, she never showed up. Out of disappointment and heart-break, Spike left Mars and his former life.

    Three years after, the former enforcer would meet an ex-ISSP agent, named Jet Black. Jet had previously left the force, and became a bounty hunter. After meeting, the two would form a partnership, and Spike would become a bounty hunter, joining Jet on the ex-cop's ship 'Bebop'. They would work together for three years before being joined by other crew members. He and his crew of hunter roam space catching bounties and fighting enemies. However, eventually, his pass catches up to him. He would have a few run-ins with Vicious, again. Finally, he would discover Julia again, finally learning the reason behind her disappearance, on the day that they were suppose to meet up. He learns of Vicious' forcing her to agree to kill Spike. Not being willing to go through with it, she ran. But, she had searched for Spiegel, ever since. Now back together, he planned to escape with her. Unfortunately, the Red Dragons showed up, and ultimately killed her.

    Out of sorrow, he made his way to the headquarters of the the Red Dragons. Here, he would find Vicious, who had eliminated the leads of the syndicate. In this meeting, between the two, they would dual against each other. In this dual, Vicious died immediately after. But, Spike would pass out, due to his sever injuries. While, if is widely believed that he died, It is unknown if he died or not.


    Spike is known for his views on his life and himself. He claims that he bares the treat of viewing the present with his prosthetic right eye, and see only the past with his real left eye. He thinks of his false death as a real one, and views himself as a dead man, say that after the day he left his past life, he has "merely been living a dream". This through-frame is displayed in his childlike free-spirit, and nonchalant attitude towards dangerous and knowingly fatal odds.

    When he isn't working or training, he is very laid-back and relaxed. A very easy-going person, he typically takes life as it comes. Though, he is somewhat short-tempered at times. Often called 'lunkhead' by his crew mates, his views often come off stubborn.

    Spike's philosophy seems to be based somewhat on the ideals of ancient samurai. Considering oneself as dead, as well as the idea of death being an awaking from a dream, both stem from elements of these ideals.


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    As one of the best bounty hunters throughout space, Spike Spiegel is very skilled and well trained. With the advancement of a cybernetic eye, he has a sharped eye sight. With this ability, he is a proficient marksmen. He wields a Jericho 941; however, he is well trained in other forms of weaponry. As well as being a top-notch gunman, he is a expert combatant. Being employed by the Red Dragon crime syndicate, he was thoroughly educated in their form of hand-to-hand combat. Furthermore, he is a efficient master of Jeet Kune Do, the famous style of Bruce Lee.

    Spike also has quick hand, showing ability to pick-pockets, steal from other without them noticing, and escape from traps. He holds the sly skill of being very slick and nimble. Throughout his bounty hunting career, he showed the ability to sneak up on bounties with ease, and unnoticeably.


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