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    Anna May Parker, called Annie as a nickname, is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane on Earth-18119. She inherited her spider powers from her father and now fights crime alongside her parents as Spiderling.

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    Annie Parker is the young daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in an alternate reality that was part of Battleworld. That reality has branched out to become its own Alternate Universe after Secret Wars. She also inherited her father's spider powers.


    Annie Parker was created by Dan Slott and Adam Kubert and first appeared in an alternate reality in the Secret Wars mini-series Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1(2015).

    Major Story Arcs

    Brawl In the Family

    Annie is an important character in Renew Your Vows vol.2.

    In the first issue we see Annie experiencing with web fluid on her room but it does not go unnoticed by her beloved parents Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. They were quite shocked seeing her like that, since they'd made a deal that she wouldn't do that in her room. She says she's sorry. Later, we see the family eating pancakes and we see that Annie is very acrobatic. In the same issue Peter battles the bad guys, but we see Annie having a hard time against the underground monster of the Mole Man.

    Fortunately, we see her rescued by Spider-Man and Spinneret (MJ), too bad she's grounded due to trying to fight the antagonist.

    Subsequently, Annie and her parents are spending their spare time at a restaurant. Annie is having fun in the ball pit with her friends. Meanwhile, Sandman and his henchman are too busy with robbing a bank and they eventually succeed. However, due to Annie's spider-sense, the bad guys' plans are put out of array by the spider-family!

    School Daze

    It is Peter's birthday! Mary Jane, Annie and friends are celebrating it by eating cake and joking around.

    Then all of a sudden, Professor Charles Xavier arrives. He asks (by using his telepathic ability) Peter to come by his school, he has a proposal Peter would very much want to hear. Next day, the Spider-Family arrive at Xavier's school and they are welcomed by none other than Xavier himself. He's accompanied by Wolverine and Jean. Logan and Jean are married and have a lovely child who's named Kate, but they'd rather call her Shine!

    Xavier suggests that Jubilee takes Annie and Shine on a tour while the grown-ups have a talk. Annie asks Jubilee whether Shine's parents would let her babysit Shine from time to time. Jubilee replies that it could happen if things work out, Annie is going to spend a lot of time with Shine anyways. Annie is confused and asks what she means. Jubilee makes it clear that Professor Xavier wants her parents to send Annie to their school. Annie refuses this idea and mentions her friends at school, but Jubilee says those girls are ordinary people and they are unpredictable. Annie is furious and says that they wouldn't let her down. Simultaneously, her precognition power kicks in and we're shown that Peter and Logan are in trouble. Meanwhile, Peter and MJ are discussing the pros and cons of enrolling their daughter in the special school. Charles does persuade Peter, but MJ on the other hand, does not agree. In fact, she wants her daughter to have a normal life.

    In the end, Annie, Shine and Jubilee are attacked by Magneto and the brotherhood of evil mutants. Annie was glad Jubilee was okay, but it appears Jubilee is an ally of Magneto.

    Magneto introduces Emma Frost to Jubilee and Spiderling. Jubilee says that she's not an ally, but Magneto says that during war morals are not acceptable, so she has no choice but to obey Magneto. Annie is furious and asks Jubilee why she would join the bad guys. Jubilee answers that Professor X promised a better future for Mutantkind, not hated by everyone else. Unfortunately, the reverse happened and Jubilee has had enough of it. Annie says that the bad guys are wrong even if Charles wasn't always right. Furthermore, Shine suddenly emits rays of light. At that very moment, Annie and Kate take it to their advantage and leave the place.

    Powers and Abilities

    Spiderling inherited her powers from her father, Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man. Because of this, many of her abilities are the same as her father's with minor differences. Whether these differences are due to age or simply unique to her vary.


    Spiderling inherited this power from her father. However, this power seems to be far more potent than her fathers. Rather than simply have a feeling of danger, or a precognitive awareness of this danger, she is able to actually see into the future and precieve the danger ahead of time. Similar to her "uncle" Kaine . However, this does came with the same weakness he possessed. While she can see what's going to happen before it does, she has no context for what is going to occur and as such has yet to learn how to respond properly.

    It's also possible that this is an amplification of her normal spider-sense, or that it improved. She had a weakened version of her father's spider-sense during the original Renew Your Vows from Secret Wars, but since then she's been experiencing the flashes of future danger.

    Superhuman Strength

    Spiderling presumably has the proportionate strength of a spider, like her father and were she the same age as him, would be naturally weaker as female spider-characters tend to be (Like Mayday Parker.) However, so far she's only had small showings of superhuman strength. She is commonly shown to be much stronger than full grown adults. Able to easily overpower them despite the massive age difference. Despite her impressive strength, she's still not as strong as her father.

    Annie at a young age casually lifting a automobile.

    Superhuman Speed, Agility, Flexibility and Reflexes

    Similar to her strength, Annie's speed is undefined. The only clear things is that she's much faster and far more agile than full grown adults. She has been shown several times to be capable of outmaneuvering groups of armed men without them touching her. She's also been able to avoid the Sinister Six for a time while fighting alongside other superheroes. Her speed remains undefined, beyond the fact that she is likely not as fast as her father.

    Superhuman Durability

    Thanks to Annie's agility, she is rarely hit by her opponents. But when she is, she is shown to be durable enough to survive those hits. She is able to survive falling from great heights and having the power to take blows from Moliods without to much trouble, though falling from a great enough height has been shown to knock her unconscious.

    Wall Crawling

    Annie has been shown to have her father's power to cling to any surface. She is so adept at doing this, that she can cling to the ceiling even while she sleeps and while being unaware of the fact that she's even doing so.


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