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Brian was a fan of superheros. One day his mother was mugged and the person was never caught. Brian hoped that a superhero would find the scum who mugged his mother. He wrote many letters to all these heroes but none answered. He was later visited by the Dwarf who gave him a page of the Darkhold. This would give him the power of his favorite hero Spider-Man. But it turned him into a spider-like monster who wore Spider-Man's costume and dubbed himself Spider-X. This would make other heros think that Spider-X was the actual Spider-Man.


Spider-X was creatred by Mort Todd and first appeared in Midnight Sons Unlimited issue 3 (1993).

Major Story Arcs

Midnight Sons

Ghost Rider and Blaze were the first to see Spider-X when they accicdently rode right into Spider-X's webs swarming with the bodies of dead criminals. The two spirits of vengence barely escaped with there lives. Later on Spider-X found the criminal that mugged his mother and killed him, wrapping his corpse is his deadly webbing. He stashed the body in his mother's house, attracting the attention of the Nightstalkers who were hired to find him. A battle ensued.

His next run in was with both The Darkhold Redeemers, Ghost Rider, and Blaze. He would soon end up fighting both Morbius and Spider-Man in a fight in which the rest of the Midnight Sons would join in on. While he was fighting the Midnight Sons, Paralyzer let loose a powerful monster called Zzzax that interrupted the fight. Morbius hypnotized Spider-X, causing him to fight the powerful monster. Spider-X met defeat as Zzzax began to devour him alive. The Midnight Sons used the opportunity to focus their efforts and destroy ZzzaX.


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