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The curse of the Immortal Man! Spider-Woman meets Samuel Davis, a former soldier cursed with immortality. Despite violent attempts at suicide, Davis remains a condemned man. How can Jessica save a person whose only wish is death? And when her life is up for exchange, will Jessica take the bait?

The Man Who Could Not Die!

The Spider-Woman is held at gunpoint. With the weapon trained on her, the Spider-Woman offers no resistance to being bound in chains. Her captor, Samuel Davis, reveals that a single act of cowardice, on his part during the Revolutionary War, cursed him to walk the Earth forever. Only by finding a woman willing to die with him, will release Davis from the curse. The Spider-Woman reflects back on the events that led her to this predicament.

The Spider-Woman, as Jessica Drew, had been on a date with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Jerry Hunt. Their attention was drawn to Davis, who was preparing to leap from a cable car. Drew, as the Spider-Woman, rescued Davis, only to have him flee on a stolen motorcycle. Davis ran the cycle into a cliffside. His suicide attempt is again thwarted by the Spider-Woman. The motorcycle's gas tank explodes, engulfing Davis in flame. Davis is unharmed by the conflagration.

Weakened by the explosion, the Spider-Woman was dragged away from the crash scene, by Davis. Suddenly, a bear attacks. Davis engages the bear, to protect the Spider-Woman. Davis is overwhelmed by the bear. The Spider-Woman effortlessly snaps her chains, then drives the bear off with her bio-electric venom blast. The Spider-Woman allows herself to be bound, again, this time to Davis. Davis pitches them over a cliff. The Spider-Woman, again breaks her bonds, and glides to safety. Her willingness to jeopardize her life, for Davis, however, is enough to break his curse. Davis' life finally comes to a, grisly, end.

The Suit!

Gunther Malone is gunned down, in a drive-by shooting, shortly after hiding a large sum of stolen money. Marcus Evanier considers answering an employment advertisement for a sales position. Evanier, however, lacks a decent suit for the interview. Evanier's wife, Linda, contacts her brother, Bill, a police officer. Bill is certain he can, temporarily procure a suit for Evanier. Bill gives Evanier the suit Malone was wearing, when he was murdered.

Strangely, the Spider-Woman eavesdrops on Malone's autopsy. Her thoughts are her own. Malone's suit is particularly distinctive. Malone's killers, Jake Rawley and Ziggy Kynd, spot Evanier in the suit, and mistakenly believe Malone has survived the execution attempt. Evanier gets the job. His employer, Howard Ashley, of the Ashley Book Distributer, hands Evanier the first book to be marketed. Rawley and Kynd are ordered to finish the job.

The Spider-Woman shakes down the underworld, looking for information regarding the whereabouts of Malone's stolen loot. Evanier is suddenly possessed by the spirit of Malone. Against his will, Evanier returns to the sight of Malone's murder, and uncovers the stolen money. Rawley, and Kynd, catch up to Evanier, still identifying him by Malone's suit. In Malone's voice, Evanier addresses Rawley, and Kynd. Rawley, and Kynd, gun Evanier down. The Spider-Woman appears, subduing Rawley and Kynd.

Evanier has survived. The book in his pocket absorbed the gunfire. Evanier contacts the authorities, turning the killers and the stolen money over to the police. Evanier believes the suit to be cursed, but his wife considers it a blessing. Not only did it help Evanier procure gainful employment, but it also saved his life.



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Spider-Woman Barely Around For These Two Drab Stories. 0

This issue contains two shorter stories, The Man Who Could Not Die and The Suit!The Man Who Could Not Die is your typical cursed until they are redeemed story, absolutely nothing new here. The Suit is at least a little more clever, some criminal is gunned down after ripping off the mob, a down on his luck unemployed guy needs a suit, wears it, is mistaken for the criminal, suit seems cursed for a bit, blahty blah.. guy's life seems to be getting a little better.I know these comics are older, a...

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