Spider-Woman #39

    Spider-Woman » Spider-Woman #39 - Death Stroke released by Marvel on August 1, 1981.

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    The Spider-Woman dreams she is fighting against Knights of the Round Table. Defeating the knights, the Spider-Woman bears witness to her friend, Lindsay McCabe, burning at the stake. All of which has been the opening prelude to an, eventual, attack from Morgan Le Fay. Jessica Drew awakens. After checking on McCabe, to make sure she's alright, Drew pays a late night visit to her landlord, David Ishima. Their amorous encounter is interrupted by police lieutenant Sabrina Morrell. Ishima is wanted for questioning, regarding the death of Tim Walsh, Ishima's former employer.

    Morrell takes Ishima, along with Drew, to the crime scene, where Ishima identifies Walsh. Drew convinces Ishima not to say anything to Morrell. Ishima's brother puts him in contact with John DeLuca, a criminal defense attorney. Ishima, though, is reluctant to speak openly with DeLuca. Declaring that he must work through the situation alone, Ishima storms out of DeLuca's office. Drew surreptitiously follows Ishima. Ishima meets with Walsh's wife, Cynthia, and requests a set of blue prints for Carillon Towers, the project Walsh was working on. Cynthia is uncooperative.

    Cynthia throws Ishima out of her apartment, then makes a phone call, reporting on Ishima's actions. Drew, as the Spider-Woman, eavesdrops on the call, with plans to track down the man Cynthia speaks to, at a later time. The Spider-Woman, as Drew, continues to follow Ishima. Ishima, though, finally spots Drew, and confronts her. Ishima angrily orders Drew to stop following him, and in fact, Ishima never wants to see her again. Drew spies Ishima angrily speaking with Morrell. Drew learns, from DeLuca, that a warrant has been issued for Ishima's arrest.

    That being the case, Drew wonders why Morrell did not try to arrest Ishima. The moment Drew hangs up the phone, a gun is pressed to her head. Drew, and Ishima, are abducted, and driven to the Carillon Towers. On the top floor, Drew, and Ishima, are confronted by Death-Stroke, and the Terminators. Death-Stroke has been hired, by the Yakuza, to kill Ishima, as well as Drew. Walsh had designed a hidden inner core within Carillon Towers, to be used as the headquarters of the Yakuza, in San Francisco. Walsh's job was to keep building inspectors from discovering the secret modifications.

    Walsh fired Ishima to keep him from learning the truth. Walsh, though, was really an informant for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. When the Yakuza learned of this, Walsh was killed. Drew channels her bio-venom through the steel structure of the Carillon Towers, to create a distraction. Drew then pitches herself over the side of the roof. As she falls, Drew snaps her handcuffs, then changes into her Spider-Woman costume. Using her glider wings, the Spider-Woman is able to stop her fall. Ishima is thrown from the roof.

    The Spider-Woman rescues him, then carries them both back up, to confront Death-Stroke, and the Terminators. Ishima fights valiantly, but ultimately just places himself, unnecessarily, at risk. The Spider-Woman uses her bio-venom to both save Ishima's life, and subdue him, to keep him out of the rest of the fight. The Spider-Woman battles against Death-Stroke, who proves to be no match for her. Death-Stroke, Ishima, and the Terminators are turned over to the authorities. Drew, Morrell, and DeLuca, work tirelessly to clear Ishima's name. Ultimately, they succeed. Morrell makes Ishima an offer that he emphatically refuses. Drew suspects the Morrell may be in the Yakuza. Drew and Ishima share a romantic dinner, that leads to more amorous delights.



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    dmstarz's favourite marvel comic cover no197 0

    There have been a number of artists who have done the hero bleeding into the background thing. Some covers are more successful than others and this Spider-woman cover works really well. First off, there's the lack of clarity regarding Jess's form against what's going on behind her. This is heightened by the morning stars spinning past her, creating a nice symmetry. The villians (Hydra?) are also nicely represented here - shadowy figures with green eyes. And finally the use of black ladders and s...

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