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Jessica Drew begins her life as a private investigator in San Fransisco. She meets neighbors, David Ishima, and some villains after a cache of vibranium. Things don't go well and Spider-Woman is framed for the robbery while Black Tom, Siryn, and the Juggernaut escape. The X-Men are dispatched to contact a new mutant in San Francisco.

Note: Siryn's first appearance. Brief cameo by Nick Fury, who gets a small history on Jessica's upbringing.


As Nick Fury walks into his office, he can't help but feel that he is not alone. Spinning quickly, Spider-Woman greets him from his ceiling. She's by-passed all his security measures to get a recommendation for a "friend" to start a private investigation business. With the name on the certificate left blank, Spider-Woman goes into a reverie about her past. The furthest back she can remember is age 10. She woke from a sleep in the care of the High Evolutionary. She bounced around; from Wundagore to the deathbed of her lover, from a servant of Hydra to a reformed hero after trying to kill Nick Fury. As Spider-Woman comes out of her reverie, la Contessa Valentina bursts into the office and disrupts the conversation. She hands Fury a cube of mysterious power. Once she leaves, Col. Fury turns back to Spider-Woman, but she has already slipped out of the office.

As Spider-Woman soars away from the SHIELD Helicarrier, a fog rolls into San Fransisco and Morgan la Fey sabotages the wind currents, sending Spider-Woman into a free-fall. She catches a slight gust at the last minute and crash lands into a bush. Slightly shaken, Spider-Woman heads home. As she does so, a trio of villains plan a bank heist. Their leader is Black Tom, and with him are Siryn and the Juggernaut. They plan on heisting a vast share of vibranium. Elsewhere, Professor Xavier interrupts his students as they work out. He'd like his charges to participate in a contact mission.

Spider-Woman gets home and switches over to her alter-ego, Jessica Drew. Planning on a relaxing evening, she's surprised to see that her new roommate, Lindsay McCabe, has planned a house warming party. Caught off guard, Jessica is led to Lindsay's room to find some party appropriate clothes. Once in the party, Jessica makes quick friends with the landlord and resident hunk, David Ishima. The two go off by themselves are start to get more acquainted. Once things start heating up, however, Jessica's heightened senses go haywire when she hears a sonic scream. She sends David on a bogus errand and ditches him to change into her costume and find out where the high-pitched scream is located.

Formidable Opponents
Formidable Opponents

By triangulating the scream from different locations, Spider-Woman ends up at the bank, the site of the vibranium. She passes through a large hole in the wall and takes out Black Tom. After a walk through the bank, Spider-Woman happens upon Siryn, who is doing her best to scream the vault door open. The two ladies clash, with Siryn displaying a use of her powers that outstrips her youth and inexperience. Spider-Woman is only able to get the upper hand because of this fact. Spider-Woman hits Siryn with a venom blast, but then turns to face the third party of the heist: the Juggernaut. He makes quick work of Spider-Woman. She passes out and the three villains escape. When Spider-Woman awakes, she finds that she's been framed, as the police have surrounded her in the bank.


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For a story entitled "Who Am I?" very little is devoted to the question. Spider-Woman discusses her past in a few short pages; the rest of the book is devoted to a welcoming party and a vibranium heist. I will say, however, that I am not a Spider-Woman fan and the quick background was interesting and appreciated.I am a Siryn fan; well, at least a fan of anyone that Deadpool was a fan of. This issue of Spider-Woman is the first instance in which Siryn (or Banshee, whatever she's going by when y...

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