Object » Spider-Tracer appears in 211 issues.

    Part of Spider-man's equipment, it is used to be attached to any fleeing villain or object so that Spider-Man may track them down later with. It operates on a wave-length detectable by Spider-Man's Spider-Sense.

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    Spider-Man developed a small tracer that can attach itself into a surface, such as a villains skin or costume in order for him to track him down . The tracer is design to be aerodynamic to easily fly towards its target and is shape like a small spider that is can be stick to a villain unnoticed. It can be thrown by hand or fired from his web shooters for better accuracy. It releases a signal that can be attuned to Spider-Man's spider-sense which he could detect within a 100 yard radius or he could use a receiver if the tracer is at a farther range.

    Ben Reilly, also known as the Scarlet Spider and Peter Parker's clone, develop a simply micro-dot that can also stick into surfaces and is fired from his external web shooters. Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl and the daughter of Spider-Man from an alternate future, uses the same spider-tracer as her father's, but she uses his father's receiver because the spider-tracer's signal is not in tuned to her own spider-sense. After being kidnapped by a mutant, Peter gave Mary Jane a spider-tracer that has an amplified signal encased in a pendant necklace, to easily track her down if she becomes endangered again, These are also easily replicated as they were by the NYPD (During Brand New Day)


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